Sunday, July 5, 2009

A boy and his bike

On Thursday July 2nd Adam got a new bike!!! We named it the "mean green machine"!! Adam felt very grown up with his new big boy bike. It has the silver bars coming out of the wheels (I have absolutely no idea what they are really called) for tricks, which I highly discouraged, though a few weeks ago when Mr. fun and I went on a bike ride with Adam, I watched him in front of me ride with "no hands". I was very close to having a heart attack, Mr. fun thought it was "great" and a "boy thing", I talked to Adam about safety and tried not to act to upset or it would be his new goal to ride everyday with "no hands", thankfully I never saw him try this new trick again, though he LOVES waving to people while riding his bike, one hand I can handle, I guess. The new bike is a 20" freestyle, old bike was a 16" that came complete with training wheels which we finally took off for good last August.


Leah said...

Those silver bars are called "pegs" and are for another rider to stand on, or for the rider himself to do tricks with. Don't tell Adam that!!!!

Beverly said...

what a cool new bike!