Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fun, sun, hamburgers and stitches..........

Of course we had to bring Adam's new bike with us on the 4th of July, because there might not be enough fun for Adam at my Sister's, who lives on a beautiful private lake with a ski boat, sail boat, paddle boat, etc. Adam wanted to show his cousin's his new "wheels" and impress them.
Tubing just could not be enough, and he had big, big plans of trying to water ski this weekend. Last year he wanted to try, I being the not so fun one, said a big "NO" to that one. This year he is a much stronger swimmer and I was going to let him try. ............
But, after the BBQ and before the fireworks Adam decided to do a little bike riding. They have a very long gravel driveway and Adam did conquer it quite a few times, but then sadly he was going too fast and he had a bad crash!!!!! We spent the rest of the night at St. Paul's Children's hospital. When Adam went down he bit his lower lip the bottom teeth went deep into the inside of the lower lip and his upper teeth went deep into the outer lower lip.
Though my 3 sisters are nurses, I found out why I did not become one, here they have me holding the Q-tips with numbing gel in his wounds, the inside lip is cut so deep I thought I might get sick!!!! I'm sure they have parents do this because it is less frightening for the children but, I am still queasy when I think back to it. Though might I add what an amazing trooper Adam was through this all!!! He was so brave!!! And when ever anyone came in the room he was very charming and funny, though as soon as it was just Mr. fun and I with Adam, he would cry and say his lip hurt then when someone would come back in the room he'd stop and even was flirting with an intern that was following the doctor for the night.
Adam ended up getting 7 stitches, 4 on the outer lip and 3 in the inside lip. He also had to get a tetanus shot, since I believed his last time he got one was going into kindergarten.
He was so brave and laid so still the entire time, we kept telling him how impressed and proud his big brother would be!!! Neither Mr. fun or I can believe that somehow Dylon managed to grow up without ever getting stitches!! Adam thinks it's cool he is the first!!
Thankfully Adam always wears his bike helmet and he really loved his certificate he got and they also gave him a gift certificate for an ice cream cone to Dairy Queen for wearing his helmet!

We do truly feel blessed, I know things could have been much worse. We hope everyone had a safe, and fun 4th of July!!!!!!


Leah said...

Adam, I miss you. I'm sorry you hurt your mouth. Feel better soon. Love Angela.

Monica, All weekend Angela has been talking about Adam going to the hospital!!! Her dad even called me to ask "Who's Adam, and is he in the hospital?" First she said he was working there, but then when I picked her up last night, sometime while at her dad's she started talking about him being the patient, and she was going to take care of him. VERY STRANGE!

Beverly said...

oh my, I feel so bad for Adam. He is so brave. Noah would have been screaming his head off.