Monday, March 2, 2009

Our new student....meow

We made a "school room" in our downstairs spare bedroom. I really like the concept of unschooling and not really having a schedule and teaching just any and everywhere but, when you have a child that really has a hard time focusing and does best with a schedule it just wouldn't be the most productive way to teach Adam. Every once in a while Adam asks if Sam our 9 year old golden retriever can come to school with him, since Sam is the mellowest dog I've ever known we always say yes to this. Our cat we usually don't let in. She also is old, 16 to be exact, but mellow she is not. She wants to be in the middle of whatever is going on purring loudly, knocking things over, etc. Today the door did not get closed all the way and our cat decided just because you can't teach an old dog anything doesn't mean you can't teach an old cat. She was a very good student.( for about 2 minutes)

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Beverly said...

Funny! Cats love to do their own thing but life is so good with them!