Monday, March 2, 2009


Adam has many cousins, he knows who his cousins are, he loves his cousins, but only one gets called "Cousin" as their name. That would be his beloved Emily. Emily was Adam's pca last summer and stayed with us, during this time Adam became very attached to her. Adam would be sad when she would go home for the weekends, and would wake up early on Monday mornings anticipating her return. We had many tears when summer ended and Emily went off to college again (notice I said we, I loved having her with us as much if not more than Adam did). Cousin was in town this weekend with some of her college for a kinda like field trip I guess you'd call it to the Mall of America. You know I must really love this girl if I go to the Mall of America (ugggg) on a Saturday (double ugggg) with Adam!!!!!!! We had a nice visit Adam snuck that kiss right when I clicked the button, no, no one told him to kiss her, he just snuck it really quick and I captured it. Much better than the peace sign I think. We can't wait for this summer, Emily will be coming and staying with us again!!!!

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