Thursday, February 26, 2009

American Idol

We are HUGE American Idol fans here. Adam is probably the biggest fan I know though, he actually watches American Idol year round. We tivo the shows and so for us American Idol is never actually over.(hey, it's better than barney!) So far, Adam L-O-V-E-S the young man named Adam ;). In my Adam's words "he totally rocks!!" I also am a fan, but I really love Danny.... We'll see it's a little early to tell. The red headed girl last night that sang heart "alone" was also one of my favorites. Adam does not and has never liked any of the girls.... I'm sure this will all change in a few years!!

If you are an American Idol fan and you have a wii you have to get the American Idol game. We have 1&2. It is actually a karokee game but after you sing Randy, Paula, and Simon judge you. You can play in a mode were someone actually gets kicked off. It is a very fun game. You also get to change their outfits, hairstyle, etc. (Adam loves this part) and it is also a learning tool, Adam is reading along as he sings. He is sometimes ahead of the singer in the background so we know he is actually reading along. I'm just sayin this game is fun, fun, fun!!!


Beverly said...

Adam sounds like so much fun! We hope to get Noah the Wii soon.

Anonymous said...

Wow, he must get his singing from his dad (Mr.Fun)

Beautifaux said...

Monica, Monica, Monica...why didn't you tell everyone that you want them to get American idol for Wii so that you can have singing competitions with them???Hmmmmm?
Yes, we know that you say it is for Adam (helps him read and sing blah blah blah) BUT the TRUTH (and it shall set you free) is that YOU love it!!!! YOU sing it!!! YOU invite ME over to battle with YOU and when YOU are victorious over all who challenge YOU, you rub your hands together and throw back your head and laugh in an oh so fiendish manner!
Ok...just kidding (kinda).
I am officially challenging you to a "rock off"...BRING IT!
Love Ya Armonica!