Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dylon update

Dylon has completed his first patrol. He is very happy to be on "ground", and so am I!!!! Yeaa, he got a phone today so, now I will be able to call him. (remember his phone got stolen in Puerto Rico) When we talked to him Adam was a little confused because Dylon used the wording that he "was home" and to say Adam was excited was an understatement, when we explained that he was still in Miami we had many tears.... Adam misses his brother so much, as do we all. Ugg, no one ever told me how hard it is to let your children grow up. I actually think my parents were thrilled to see me move out hmmmm I'll have to talk to my mom about that one. Dylon will be going out again towards the end of March for about a month and then he is hoping to come to his real "home" end of April/May, this hope is what will keep me going.


Beverly said...

Hope Dylon will be able to come home soon! It is hard being away from family!

Beautifaux said...

You should be very proud of Dylon. You have done an amazing job raising him and you have given him everything he needs to be a great human being. He has a good head on his shoulders and he will make good choices because you have shown him how. He is really a good person and you deserve alot of credit.
Kudos Buddy!

Monica said...

What awesome photos! His adventures look amazing even if it is hard on family.