Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Oh what a week

Last week was crazy busy for us. First Monday I got my long awaited phone call from Dylon!!! It was so great to hear him, he was in Puerto Rico for a few days. They didn't get the break to watch the super bowl as planned because they were very busy protecting our homeland :). This is Dylon's first patrol out at sea, the first day they left North Carolina the weather was pretty bad and they had swells 24 ft high (or so Dylon says) and he was the only new one on board and one of the only ones not to get sea sick!!!! They were part of a rescuing of 242 migrants from Haiti, on a very small unsea worthy sailboat. He told me "Mom if we hadn't gotten them noway would they have lived!!" Sadly there was even a baby, small children, and a very pregnant woman crammed on this boat. It makes me sad to think just how bad it is there that you would risk your children's and your life. Monday evening in Puerto Rico Dylon got pick pocketed they stole his camera (huge bummer he said he had some amazing pictures and also just the fact that it was his first patrol) and his cell phone. Luckily not his wallet! But then on Tuesday he used his cash card at an ATM and got his cash and walked away without his card!!! Luckily he remembered this went back and of course it was not there but he canceled his card asap. Looks like he still needs his momma:).

Tuesday was also my mom's 79th birthday, we had a small birthday dinner at my house for her and I was happy that Dylon was able to call and talk to Grandma. Adam gave his grandma a gift certificate to see the movie "hotel for dogs" and out to lunch. We went Friday and had a great time, the movie was actually better than I thought it would be so, that was a bonus for me!

Friday night we went to Jeremy Camp concert!!! He is an amazing christian singer!!! Adam was so excited, we had an amazing time. And if you ever have the chance to go see him I highly recommend it!!!

Sunday for the first time Adam went skiing with Special Olympics at Afton Alps. The weather was BEAUTIFUL and we had so much fun. Adam did better than we thought he would. We did try skiing when Adam was 4, but really he was like a rag doll and we gave up very quickly, so I wouldn't call that time skiing. And ever since Adam has wanted nothing to do with it. Sunday we didn't ask we just said "wow, were going skiing it's going to be so much fun" and to my surprise he just went with it. He seemed pretty comfortable with the skis and so we had him ride up the bunny hill on the "magic carpet" without any problems although he kept asking to go on the chair lifts!! We told him he needed to practice on the little hill first. He went down around 5-6 times and then we let him ride up the chair lift with Mr. fun of course, to the higher point of the bunny hill and he went down with his Dad. Looks like we might have a skier!! I will post video's of our adventure soon. We also have been going ice skating now that the weather isn't 40 below!!!!!! Hopefully this nicer weather is here to stay, cause I just can't handle any more days with temperatures lower than 30.

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Beverly said...

What a busy week! You poor son getting his things stolen! how exciting about the skiing!

Yes, Noah should wear glasses but has not liked them in the last several years. But, his last eye exam the dr. says to keep them on him. He is doing much better the last few weeks with keeping them on!