Thursday, April 10, 2008

The State Swim Meet

This weekend is the big Special Olympics State Swim Meet, Adam is very excited!! He had a great time at the Regional Meet, the above video is from that meet. Adam earned 2 blue ribbons, one for the 25 meter floation and one for 100 meter relay. He also got a 6th place (last place) green ribbon for 15 meter freestyle (above video). What I love about my little guy was that it did not matter that he got last place, he was just as excited as he had been for his first place win. Actually, if you ask him about the meet the first thing he says is "I got a green ribbon!!" The shade of green actually matched his swimsuit, so I think that is why he liked that ribbon the best, always the fashion guy! The state meet they give out medals, he can not wait, nor can I, it is such a "feel good " group to be around :)

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