Sunday, April 27, 2008

Adam and his BLING

The state special Olympic swim meet was a few weeks ago, we had a great time!! Adam got first place in the 15 meter, second place in the 25 meter and his relay team took fourth place. Wish I could bottle the "atmosphere" there, I always leave these events feeling so, happy. The Wed. before the swim meet Snoop Dog was on American Idol, I don't think Adam had ever heard of snoop dog before that night, well, right before we took the picture of him with his medals he threw up his hands and said "snoop dog is in the house" yes, my son is 9 going on 17.


Anonymous said...

that was a very fun day!!!
adam did an amazing job swimming!
i am so excited to see him
well have to go swimming!
love u adam..u to monica!
♥love ur niece brittany!

Monica said...

Brittany, Adam is very blessed to have such loving cousins, to come cheer him on!!! I know he loves seeing you, but oh how the tears fly when we have to say good bye..LOVE you too! ur godmother ;)