Saturday, December 29, 2007

Guilt, & What was probably Adam's best gift....

I started my blog, and was so excited and then.............. Funny, I've wrote a blog almost everyday since Dec.11, what, you never saw any???? Why, that would be because I wrote them in my head. I am terrified of the saying, "The road to hell is paved with good intentions" I pray that we will get some credit for our good intentions, if we do I'm doing great!!! If not, boy, am I in trouble!!! Following through is another one of my weaknesses. But, a new year is soon to be here and hey, this is really the computer not just my head so, I'm doing good!!! There the guilt is beginning to lift. Probably not the smartest time to start a blog, Christmas gets a little crazy and there is barely enough time in a day without extra holiday things. Life should get back on track (key word "should") and blogging time will be easier to find. I'm sure your wondering so what was Adam's favorite gift?? Being the "rock star" he is, you might guess his guitar hero, mmm no, not that impressed with it. High school musical wii game ????? He does have a good time with that one.....but, truly this was his best gift. Adam was invited to a birthday party at the Chuck E. Cheese in a local mall on Dec.15, Adam was very excited because I had to work and Dad was going to take him. The party went great, Adam had fun and as they were leaving Adam spied the bell ringer, let me back up for a second and explain a few things. Adam unlike his big brother, has no interest in Christmas lights, and blow up santa's in yards, he actually is not that impressed with "Santa" he has never cried when getting the yearly photo but really could care a less if we skip seeing "the man in red" but, The salvation army bell ringers, know we are talking Adam's language!! He has always loved them, loves putting money in their bucket, loves getting to ring their bell, loves that they always (almost always) are willing to chit chat with him and say "Merry Christmas, Happy New year" I have had to set limits with Adam, "you can put money in the bucket, but we are in a hurry today so do not ask to ring the bell or no___(depends on the day "no treat" , "no music on the ride home" ect.) or "you can ring the bell but only a couple of times" No, wonder he was excited that Dad was taking him to the birthday party. He is Mr. fun and I am Mrs. rules!!!! So, Adam spied the bell ringer and asked his dad if he could put money in and ring the bell, Dad said sure so off they went, the bell ringer gladly handed over her bell. Adam asked his dad how long can I ring it? And of course Mr. fun :) said as long as you want (sure, he doesn't have dinner to make, xmas cards to get out, laundry to fold, xmas gifts to wrap, appts to make ect.) The bell ringer lady looks at my husband and says "really, so do you think I could take a smoke break??" My husband says, sure he'd love to give you a break. Don't worry she was always in eyes view.
Adam rang the bell for a little over a half hour!!!! He was in heaven!! telling everyone Merry Christmas and Happy New year!!!! My husband says, everyone was putting money in the bucket and when the lady came back she said "wow, they should get him to ring all the time he has made more money than I have all day!!! Truly this was probably Adam's best gift. He is still talking about it and I'm sure he will still be talking about it in July!!! My lesson........... dinner can wait, laundry isn't going anywhere, stopping and just ringing the bell more that is what I'm gonna do~

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