Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Not a good day!!!

Yesterday Adam got his upper braces, I was so proud of him while they were putting them on he did amazing!!!!! He had a pretty good day yesterday he ate Macdonald's chicken nuggets for lunch and had his favorite dinner meatloaf and mashed potatoes with very little complaining. He woke up this morning with swollen upper lip!! And crying to "take these braces off!!!" My sister told me I should have woke him up every 4 hours and given children's advil to help with the swelling and pain!! A little to late!! We did do advil/Tylenol ( switching back and forth) around the clock all day and tonight I will be waking him and giving him advil!! I've heard it takes 1 to 2 weeks for your inside mouth to get use to them!!! I hope we are the lucky 1 week people and I hope this week flies by!!!!! 95% of the day he looked like the top picture, with his hands covering his mouth!! He absolutly hates the wax, when I try to explain how it will help not hurt so bad, he tells me it "tickles his teeth" and he "HATES IT" ??????????? not sure what to think. My neighbor told me that her son was told that if he didn't use the wax it would "toughen his skin up faster" I hope this is true, because I'm not sure how often he is going to let me put the wax on. Tonight I finally talked him into it, but he was picking it off as quick as I would put it on!! He ate Mcdonald's hot cakes and sausage for brunch (I tried feeding him breakfast at home with no luck, he was so sad I suggested we try Mcdonald's pancakes because they seem softer than the ones I make and he liked this idea, hey it worked I might be going back tomorrow morning and stocking up) he also had a medium frosty at Wendy's (fast food is coming out pretty good with this brace thing) in the afternoon and refused to eat anything else, he also started coughing a lot today again. At first I thought it was just from being upset, but then tonight he had a fever again. A very very low grade it was only 99.5 but the fact that he has been on advil and Tylenol all day and still a low grade fever has me a little worried. So, off to the Doctors we will go tomorrow. He was really doing great all weekend no fever, very little coughing so, I thought it was fine to keep our ortho appt. now of course I am kicking myself!!! I tried to upload the picture of him yesterday when you could actually see his new look but it wouldn't let me I will try again. He picked purple and gold binders for the MN Vikings!!!! If anyone has some suggestions I'd love to hear them!!!!!


Jenny said...

Ouch! I remember getting braces on my 4 front teeth when I was in 4th grade. I also remember the wires slicing my mouth up. It is painful! Luckily I only had them for 6 months.

I don't know what you can do besides the wax and Tylenol. Be careful with the Advil, it can really eat up your stomach. I can't take it anymore, because it gives me ulcers.

Beverly said...

oh poor Adam! I hope he is feeling better and he heals fast from all the pain. He does look older and so handsome!

mauimom said...

I hope it gets better soon, yuck braces are the worst! I am actually just finishing up with braces so I know the pain!!

Beth said...

Wow! I can't believe our kids got braces the same week! Thanks for you comments--I've been away at Parents weekend for Chris. Hannah's been living on Spaghettios (yuck), scrambled eggs and cereal. Oh yes, and any other pasta that appears. Ramen noodles! She has had peaches and watermelon too. I hope he's back into chewing now. Hannah had a hard time yesterday (24 hours after getting them on), but felt better today. She ate a real dinner tonight at a steak house with Chris. I was worried that she wouldn't find anything on the menu that was soft enough, but she seems to be back in order as long as she doesn't use her incisors much. She had salad, baked potato and filet mignon--every bite!

Adam does look great in his braces! They really do make kids look like teenagers! It's crazy!

Does he need the lower teeth done too? I think Hannah has about 6 months before she has to get hers on.
Motrin motrin motrin.

Another tip someone gave me: have them eat within 2 hours of getting the wire adjusted--the teeth don't start hurting until after that.

Ria said...

I'm a little late to comment. I hope Adam is adjusting to the braces well. Slowly but surely. I remember having braces for a very very very long time. Ugh! Anyway, I hope Adam's doing better with them this week.