Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I pledged did you???

r-word.orgPlease make the pledge!!!! I don't think Adam knows the "r" word. My dream is that I will never have to explain it to him....... I will never have to wipe away his tears and tell him I don't know why anyone would use that word....... If we all make the pledge to wipe out this word, my dream and many others could come true.....


TUC said...

My husband used this word the other day in a conversation about a server (computer) at work. I was so mad. I told him I never ever want to hear that word spoken in our house again.

Beautifaux said...

I am ALL OVER Sean and Alex on that. I think it is an ignorant slurr and people need to develope a better way to vent rather than throwing the r word out for everything that doesn't work right for them. Now they have a new favorite saying...that's g-y! I will work on that one next :)
They are just kids but if we stop it there, maybe we can stop it everywhere!