Sunday, January 18, 2009

Dylon US CG post

Tomorrow Dylon will be shipping out (okay, so I totally do not know the write wording for this. I'm sure this will make Dylon's eyeballs roll :) ) for a 35 day patrol on a cutter. This is his first patrol, not sure if he is nervous but I can say that mom is. Before Christmas Dylon called and told me he had passed a test to become a "rescue swimmer" I could hear the pride in his voice, but I had visions of the movie "The Guardian" dancing in my head and really didn't hear much more of the conversation. I was able to get out "did they make you do this?" and he tells me "no, of course not, he wanted to." Doesn't surprise me. Yes, I'm proud I guess...... but this is my little boy we are talking about. So, I will be praying a few extra prayers that everything will be fine and he wont have to use any "rescue swimming".

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Leah said...

Aawwww You must be so proud underneath your mom fear. I'm poud of him for you too!