Saturday, November 8, 2008

Who would've thought??

Who would have thought that I needed to bring tissues to High School Musical 3, but, I should have!!! Okay, so I'm thinking it kinda has to do with the "change" that is going on in my home, but my friend that was with me said she got teary also (possibly she was being kind :) ) Yes, Tues. Oct. 4 2008 changed things big time here and I haven't even been able to write about it. Dylon left......... (after he voted) for Miami Florida. He drove so he'd be able to have his car with him. Dylon will probably never live at home again. Yes, he will visit (he better) yes, his room has a LOT of his things still in it, but I know he is now no longer a resident in: insert my address. He won't be here for Thanksgiving and not sure about Christmas (please, pray that he will be able to come home for Christmas!!) not really sure when we will get to see him!!! I would be doing much better if I had a date!! I know, I know, kids grow up they move out, this is natural and part of life. I mean even in Disney, High School Musical the kids have to grow up and move on. Adam is missing his big brother big time and if he totally understood there will not be a High School Musical 4 with the same people in the High School, he would have needed tissues too!!! He instead practically danced all the way to our car, and has insisted on us calling him Troy, for the rest of the evening :0)!! Truly if you haven't seen it, you should we give it 2 thumbs up!!


Leah said...

No, for real, I was wiping tears and was SO GLAD when you said you were too! LOL I'm chalking mine up to being peri-menopausal. Oh, and there might be a tiny bit of me that wants to go back to high school and be part of the drama club! LOL I was too shy when I was in high school to do anything like that. I'm involved in theater all the time!

Monica said...

Leah, Thanks again for making me feel, well like I'm not totally crazy! LOL and if it makes you feel better my niece who though, is a senior this year had tears too!