Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween is offically over

I am happy to announce that Halloween is now over for us. This year it felt like it would never end!!! Last weekend we went to the haunted trail, Adam's school had their annual parade, wax museum,and party, trick or treating, and finally our neighbors annual Halloween party was this evening. Adam was a clown for all the events except today he decided he was tired of being a clown (and EVERYONE calling him a girl uggg) and wanted to be last years costume "biker dude" (in which no ONE mistaken him for a girl :0) ). Every year except for 2 other years, I have made Adam's costumes. This year I just wasn't able to, and I did miss the fun of "creating" but I did make Sam (our dog) his costume. I think Adam's favorite costume was last years biker costume (above pictures are from tonight) mine would have to be the Elvis costume I made. I will have to dig up pictures, I am quite proud of it, and Adam totally has the butt shaking part down that made it even more adorable!! And when he'd get treats we taught him to say "Thank you, thank you very much" in an Elvis impersonation. Last night everyone who didn't know us made a comment on how cute our little girl was, Mr. Fun said maybe we should get his hair cut......... I said "no way, he has so little choices in his life, if he wants his hair long (and truly I don't think it is that long, lots of boys have the longer hair now ) and he doesn't mind taking care of it, he gets to choose this one." And tomorrow if he said he wanted his head shaved to look like his big brother, I'd take him to the barber. Sometimes I truly feel sorry for Adam, all day people are making choices for him and he constantly has an adult following him (I understand he needs this for his safety) and telling him what to do!!! I might be in big trouble and it might be harder to stick to my guns when he asks for a purple mohawk :) but for now we will let him be long haired Adam.


JaybirdNWA said...

Cool looking dude. I'm sure it is difficult for him being micromanaged all day when he sees other children his own age being treated differently. Necessary but yet hard to understand for him, I'm sure.

Angie said...

Thanks for coming by to my blog. Yours is such fun, too.

I look forward to doing more and more reading!