Sunday, October 26, 2008

It is hard to believe that Dylon has now been home for a week and one day!!! There is a wonderful peace that I feel when we are all safe and sound in our beds all under the same roof. I know this next week is going to fly by and I am so not ready to go on the emotional rollar coaster ride that lays ahead....... But, I can't worry about tomorrow today is a gift, that's why it's called the present (I read way to many self help books :) ) so, I will try to focus on the here and now. Our trip was great!!! Adam turned out to be a wonderful flier!!! (I of course HATED it) Somehow Adam wormed his way into the cockpit on the trip going and coming home!!! Everyone was so kind and helpful through out our little get away. Cape May was absolutely BEAUTIFUL, I do love the ocean. We got to see 20 to 30 dolphins swimming and jumping only 50 ft from shore (sometimes even closer). I guess they were migrating, but truly what an amazing sight!!! Thought we would let Dylon pick dinner Friday after graduation, I was thinking "nice" maybe a little fancy, but we did say it was his choice, he wanted to go to "Pat's Philly steak stand" in Philly (Friday we were staying in Philadelphia because of our flight Sat. am). So much for a little fancy, this wasn't even an inside sit down restaurant, but it was an adventure and a lot of fun. Mr. fun and Dylon loved their philly steak sandwiches and I must admit they had really good cheesy fries!! GO PHILLY'S!!!!!!!!!!! Yep, in our short stay Adam and I became fans :) The graduation was wonderful, words can not describe how we were all feeling and getting to see my Dylon for the first time....ugg I'm getting teary eyed just remembering it. And oh how Adam is loving having his big brother home!!! It did take a couple days before they started doing their brotherly "picking" on each other and even that sounds like music to me. I do know we are going to have one very sad little boy when Dylon has to leave Nov. 5 and an even sadder Momma bear.


Becca said...

Sounds like a great time! I'm from a town very near Cape May, and lived in Philly for a while. Been a lifelong Phillies fan, and you sure can't go wrong w/Philly cheesesteaks!

Monica said...

Becca do you still live near Cape May?? If so you are very lucky!! Love cheesecake not a fan of cheesesteaks! Adam and I loved that the Phillies won World series!