Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Count Down begins

Dylon did call me the day after I wrote the last blog, there are no words to describe what it was like to finally get to hear his voice. And yesterday I got another call, this one was totally a surprise!!!!! Yesterday he had a 6 hour "break" he just pigged out on candy (first sugar high since Aug.26, that's my boy :0) ) and they were going to go to the movies and go out to eat. He sounded happy and said it has gotten a LOT easier. In Dylon's first call we found out he will be stationed after boot camp in Miami Florida but his Commander said his home will really be the Bahama's. Because he will be on a 210 ft cutter the Valiant for approximately 3 months. We have our plane tickets for Dylon's graduation, this will be Adam's first time on an airplane. Adam is excited to see Dylon and go on an airplane "only if it doesn't go in the sky". Hmm not sure how we are going to make that one happen but, I am not going to worry about that yet. The above picture was taken Aug. 25 the day before Dylon left for boot camp. Oh, how I miss him, but only 12 more days until we get to see him!!!!!!!!

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