Saturday, May 3, 2008

Umm God was that you?????

By the time Adam was 4 yr. old he could recite the Lords prayer, okay so only my family and I could totally understand every word of it , but still we knew. Today he says it pretty darn clear when he is trying. I have always encouraged Adam to just talk to Jesus, when you are sad, scared, mad, whatever go to him and tell him (I've also told him to talk to him when he's happy, thankful, excited ect.) and he will help you. I've tried to teach him this myself by example like when we were major late and lost for an appt. I've said aloud in my car "God, please give me the wisdom to find this place!!! Or when Adam is having a really hard day being good I've said (of course in Adam's ear shot) "Jesus help Adam to get control, and help me to be a good mom and help him". When Adam was around 5 or so, Adam would "talk to God" and then say, what did he say mom? and of course I'd give him answers that I thought God would say. Adam would ask simple things like "God can you see me?" and then when he asked what he said I'd say things like "Of course, I see you every minute of the day." Just recently it occurred to me that I was not really teaching Adam to try to listen to God. So, one night when Adam asked God a question and then asked me, "what did he say?" I told him the truth....... "Adam I don't know what he said to you, you need to be really quite and you'll hear him. That night it was so simple Adam asked "God when I'm scared are you with me?" Adam waited and then he got a huge grin and I asked what are you smiling about? Adam, said "God said yes, he's with me" I thought to myself wow, this was easier than I thought it would be.

I should have known better!!! I created a MONSTER, a sweet monster that can hear God!! Last week, truly I don't remember what it was that he did, but dessert got taken away (trust me I'm sure he was given at least 3 chances) Adam knows once taken away, I will not change my mind!!(well, okay almost hardly ever do I) Adam was so sorry, and I just said "I know your sorry, but I know you'll make better choices tomorrow and you'll get dessert." The next thing you know, I hear Adam say "God, I'm so sorry, but I really really want dessert can I have it? pleaseeeee?? then he does a pause, next, you guessed it,"WOW, thanks God your the best I knew you'd give me my dessert back!!!" Okay, so I had to bite my cheek hard not to just laugh, it was too cute, I told him "Adam I think you misunderstood God and I think he said He knows you'll make better choices tomorrow and get it then" Lucky for me Adam agreed and didn't challenge it.

Tonight at bedtime Adam gets to pick 3 books for me to read to him, every night he tries to make it 4. If he really whines it goes down to 2 (I know what a meanie) . Can you guess, what happened tonight? Yep, "God please can I have 4 books??" dramatic pause "what yes, thanks your great" Oh man, I am in sooo much trouble with this one!!!!!!


Tom said...

Now I've got to think of what to tell Silvi. I can only imagine how she would use this against me! :)

Scarehaircare said...

LOL that is too cute!! My daughter loves to tell people "Jesus loves me!" Oh, yes He does.

Monica said...

Tom, yes, my older son said "wow,why didn't I ever think of doing that" :)

scarehaircare, How sweet and what a smart girl!

heather said...

I found your blog from scarehaircare's link. But just had to comment on this post because it made me truly 'laugh out loud'! :) What a smart little boy! That is great that God always answers his prayers in such a favorable way!:)