Monday, May 5, 2008


This winter a good friend was telling me how she made stuffed peppers, I'd had these as a kid but never had thought of making them for my boys. They love hamburger, love rice, should be a hit, and it was, they absolutely loved them. I used yellow, red and orange, peppers because Mr.Fun is not a fan of green peppers. I am not a fan of hamburger, so, I thought hmm this would be really good with chicken and Spanish rice, like a fajita. Well, thats what I made tonight for Cinco de Mayo and let me tell ya it was nummy!!!!

So, all I did was take 6 peppers cut tops off clean out put in a pot of boiling water for 5 min. I took the easy way out and made 2 packages (probably could of only done 1) of lipton Spanish rice, sauteed one onion and mixed it in to the Spanish rice when that was done. Grilled 3 chicken breasts (perfect meal if you have left over chicken in frig.) chopped it up and mixed it in rice mixture. Next time I might add some fajita seasoning mix. Lightly rubbed insides of peppers with olive oil, then added rice mixture. Put in a cake pan that had about 3-4 inches of water in it. Baked at 350 for a half hour. Served with sour cream, gaucamole dip and some refried beans. The entire family LOVED it!!!!! I will definitely be making this again. Also looks pretty :)


Cyndi said...

O.K.~so I thought I just sent you a note and your comment count still says 0, so i guess it didn't work. You know my memory isn't to good and I forgot what I said, but I gurantee it was good. Your dinner did look delicious, You've always been the little Suzie Homemaker. To bad mom and dad called Suzie-"Suzie" and not you. As I've never heard anyone call a talented person a "Monica Homemaker". I'm so impress with your blog, maybe someday you can teach me how to start one. Hopefully this time I can send this through right.
Love you like a sister~
Your sister Cyndi

Monica said...

It was a "guilt" dinner, I didn't cook all weekend!!! Had to make up for being lazy in the kitchen :) Can't wait to see your blog.