Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy belated Mother's Day!!!

I had a wonderful Mother's day, Thanks to my three boys (yes, darling hubby is counted as one of my "boys") and for the fact that my mom is still with us, and we got to spend the day with her and two of my sisters and some of my amazing nieces.

One of my favorite cards was a school made card from Adam. It was one of those fill in the blanks kind of deal. Makes me laugh so thought I'd share it........

My mom is as sweet as------"Bike riding" (wow, from a 9 year old boy, this is like the highest form of a compliment!!!)

My mom is as beautiful as------"a sweetheart" ( awww, what a doll!!)

I love my mom because-----"she walks my dog" (Too funny, were this came from I have no idea!!!)

On the card there was a paper vase that held 3 flowers, which were coupons. The first one was: helping mom set the table, the next one was, helping mom cook and the last coupon was good for playing hide -n-seek with mom :) It was so adorable, although I'm still not sure if the coupons are a gift or a punishment!!!!

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