Monday, May 26, 2008

Belly dancing night :)

This happened a while ago(May 17) but, finding it difficult to find time to blog now that winter is over! For Mr. Fun's bday we wanted to take him out to eat somewhere not only with good food but, fun. Last year we surprised him and took him to a Japanese steak house the knife and fire show was amazing and so was the food!!! But, I wanted a new surprise, so my girlfriend told me about her in-laws favorite Greek restaurant that have belly dancers Thur.-Sat. nights. Perfect....shish kabobs mmmm and a belly dancer :) could it get any better for Mr. fun!?!

Here is the( hmm not sure what word to explain it, amazing, weird, happens all the time, God moment, all these words come to mind) beautifully strange evening. The four of us go out to the Mediterranean Cafe, my husband loves our pick, we order Lamb, shis kabobs, Gyro's and Adam the adventurous eater he is, goes for the chicken strips and fries. The food is amazing!!! And then the belly dancer comes out Adam is mesmerized and when she comes over to our table and asks Adam if he'd like to dance on the stage with her we are all surprised that Mr. rock star is totally being shy(I know, Adam shy??? I'm totally not making this up) and can't even say no, he just shakes his head. Okay, here is the interesting part, she gets back on the stage and the next thing you know this young man about 20 something gets up on the stage and starts dancing, my older son says, "hey I think he has down syndrome" I look and yep, he sure does and he is a young man I have recently met at the self advocate conference last month. I'm thinking what are the chances of this, then Mr. rock star (aka Adam ) decides he is no longer shy and would like to show her his dance moves. He gets up and dances, Mr. fun jumps at the chance to video tape (anything to get close to the stage ;0) ) Adam comes back to our table without his Dad and I see him talking to a man I've never seen before, when he comes back I ask if he knows him from work and he tells us, the man was telling him how they were just wondering if his daughter who is 15 and yep, has down syndrome would get up and dance. Okay, maybe just me, but the entire night was very magical and special.

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