Saturday, February 2, 2008

And Father help me to forgive them, cuz I just ain't there yet

It might appear "saintly" of me to ask forgiveness to something I find so HORRIFFIC , but truly I am not yet there......... Wish, I felt that way, but truly, I have been angered by this all day. I am ANGRY at those who did this and I am Angry at the media for reporting it as a "suicide " bombing when it was anything but..,.... This is when I wish I could truly arrticulate how I feel.... Which is probably why I suck at blogging :) Truly, I have many blogs I'd like to do, I just stress over how to get it in black in white. And instead I read others, and continue to write amazing blogs in my head :) NOTE to self, feels food to actually write blogs, must rememeber this :) and do it more often.

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